what makes life worth living

(as of right now, wednesday september 15)

this is new. this is where i tell everyone what makes my life worth living at this particular moment. it is very likely this will change often. meaning i should probably try to keep this updated. but i am not promising anything.


something that keeps me going on a regular basis. it is from georgia. i am from georgia. it has caffine. i need caffine. it tastes good. i like to drink it. they have the coolest attraction i have ever seen in my life. coca cola world is shangri la. they are a mega-taking things over kind of corporation, which i like. and it gets rid of corrosion on battery cables.

these also keep me going. pictured are the regular flavor. they taste like styrofoam. but the kc masterpiece flavor are better than sex, an import single, a bottle of cheap champange, anything. well, okay so maybe not. but really, i get all weak if i don't have a barbeque baked lay in a few days.

L'Oreal makeup is the best. i am a really big makeup buff and used to buy that overpriced stuff. but now, i know that L'Oreal is the best. pictured is the new rose line. i like their foundation. covers leopracy well.

this is the best rum ever. it reminds me of drinking banana boat tanning oil. that good. this of course means that at clubs, you get ripped off when you ask for a coke and malibu but it is like club babaloo in your mouth. sounds like a bad porn but instead, it is a good drink.

my intrepid is not red. it is also named jesse. it has fuzzy dice and a joey lawrence "woah!" bookmark in the rearview mirror. i know, take a nice car like an intrepid and make it a shrine to all things furry and fuzzy and slightly slimy. you must remeber that this car was named after uncle jesse (john stamos) of full house fame. i have run over things in jesse, taken jesse to numerous far off states for concerts, had rock stars a-plenty in jesse's roomy and comfortable back seats and had many blowouts in it. and it has a cd player.

like i haven't written enough about them. if you click on this, you can go there and scour the page for information like one of those symbionic birds who eats lice off gorillas or whatever they do. to paraphrase chrissy, they are catchier than malaria. i don't actually know if malaria is contagious but if it isn't, they are catchier than spinal meningitis. they'll shoot you with their gun.

my friends. this, i think, is the most fitting picture of them. this was halloween last year. i was 900 miles away but obviously, they found some fun. unfortunately, they don't dress like this all the time. shame. in the words of the man whose face fell but still can write very good songs, duffy, i love my friends. in the words of h2o, my friends look after me like family.

and some albums i have been listening to that make me happy...

the pixies bay city rollers the cure

jeff buckley blondie b-sides lords of the new church

duffy mc5 poptopia II


and of course, as always, it makes me really happy to read email. melaniedavis@yahoo.com come up and mail me, make me smile.


dream of my homepage behind the wall of sleep.