trail of dead meets new orleans


the show:


too close to conrad

kevin and jason

neil and conrad

jason and neil

conrad on the skins

birds eye view

too close to jason

no flash, all blur, bright lights

once again, conrad is playing drums

above conrad

kevin and jason again

neil and conrad again

one more of kevin and jason

they asked people to come up onstage. they did. then security said no, so they left.

conrad is such a plebian

but the other plebians have rejected him

so he's going to just sit here


after the show:

moab and kevin prove that they do drink alcohol

group shots are always interesting, right?

kevin, jason and i

neil and i (my face has never done that before. i kinda hopes it never does it again.)

conrad and i

the last thing neil did before getting into the van


after all that and before i passed out:

john and i were forced to drink hand grenades. he didn't finish his.

a lot of it ended up on his shirt

before even more of it ended up on the floor of the bar

i don't know what was going on by this point

i know these are the people i came to new orleans with

and there is nothing wrong with two men hugging

the last thing i saw that night


my liver hurts, take me home.