tell all expose
the real amanda


you are how old and saucy? 18 and more like a good ketchup, tangy but sweet.

you are from dallas texas, yes? what do you have to say about that? well, i guess so. and i am proud to live so close to the heroin capital of the world. and denny's is close.

drink of choice is: anyting but red bull and beer and diet drinks and tequila.

if you could keep one pair of shoes forever, what would they be? the flites, the athletic works, the pro keds. my shoe pedigree is stunning. i can't choose and i would hate for any of them to feel unloved.

why is britpop dead? because it became a regular word in the vocabulary of my dad and tiny from ultrasound sat on it.

what do you think of lo-fi indie? good for banging your head against tables to. and vomiting.

five favorite words on the face of the earth: carpeater, c'mon, sice (see how many catch that one, no i didn't forget an "n"), sleep and vomit

do you like gay boys? i think you do. hmmm, do you think. i like new wave. i like new romantic.

what are all of your side projects? spinal chord regeneration, the plungers, riff randall and the support hoes, the vicious bitches, the vicious itches, blur and unbeaved.

who are your heroes? michael monroe, debbie harry, richey james, sharon tate, stiv bators, jimmy ray, jesse camp, iggy pop and lassie.

would you rather die from bowel problems or gut shot? is this one of those damn smarty pants games? can i choke on my own vomit? brian did and he is dead. ask keith.

best book ever forever. please kill me, the great gatsby and the leaflet on how to escape the plane in case of a crash. and angie bowie's book is pretty funny too.

lamest pop star you've ever met is... john davis, monica bobo and sleater-kinney.

if you were a pop star, what would you demand in your dressing room? chicken in a can, alcohol, cigarettes, cute boys and a ban on simon le bon.

if you could rid the world of anything, what would it be? mankind and peeps, those yellow marshmallowy chicken things.

what causes leprosy? drone, emo and 15 year old punks.

best fingernail polish - yes, i will admit it, my two favorites are jane's party girl and maybelline express finish in seduction. either screams parker posey or neve campbell. and i don't like either one of them.

top 10 cutest boys on the face of the earth: richey james, neil codling, brian molko, antony langdon, nicky wire, brett anderson, michael monroe, nick rhodes, jonny greenwood, bobby gillespie.

favorite beatle: mal and neil

most grueling task you've ever done: (sorry but the original response will have to remain in the fond memories of those who saw it)

most entertaining people you know: chrissy, mark crowder (cause he is 4 REAL)and there was this kid that i went to junior high with that was in a wheelchair but he wore cowboy boots and would go down the halls screaming "yee fuckin haw" and kick people and then laugh and wheel away and get on the elevator. and then the elevator got stuck one day and he almost died. and then he changed schools. and rode the short bus.

favorite quote (other than "shit happens" bumper stickers, because those are everybody's favorites) i will be putting up good quotes every once and a while. it is up to you to find them. it is like goonies.

anglophiles. let's discuss. i was one i admit. honest, guv. but i am getting better. embrace made me change my mind and rethink anglophilia. that and austin powers.


this interview was conducted by chrissy comley. amanda is my trust sidekick. to the maxx.