She's Lost Control Again


let me just take a minute out to say how much mark crowder rules. there.

did you realize that kc from kc and the sunshine band was really cute when he was 20? well he was.

michael monroe.

lawrence of arabia is all i am thinking about right now. did you know that he was 5'5 and enjoyed playing pranks when he was at oxford. and when he was captured, the turkish guards forced him to have anal sex every night. and when he returned to england, he entered the raf under a psuedonym and served a few months and was then discovered and thrown out. he then re-enlisted under another name and served until retirement without ever being given away. all the men in his regiment knew but respected his privacy and never told. he was killed while riding his motorcycle when he swerved to miss some boys on their bikes.

theaudience broke up. boo fucking who. if you can't put out one shit single when you're young, then when can you i ask you?

i need some feedback on this one. what is it that attracts certain people to cheap trick? they tend to be the washed up punk/glam crowd. i just don't get it. help me out here please.

i just realized that i mentioned michael monroe and anal sex in consecutive paragraphs. i feel like i have desecrated something very religious.

i have also realized that blondie meant what they said in the song die young stay pretty. example: grandy's on a tuesday morning. smoking section. do you want to be one of the ladies with glorified old lady salt and pepper mullets wearing a leopard print and tinsel sweater and eating a cold sausage and bacon biscuit?

i bought back his n her's yesterday and while i love this album, i feel like a moron now because i used to tell everyone how where have you gone was a really good song. and then i listened to it again after about 7 months of not hearing it. and it is awful. i used to love it. oh well, i loved guns n roses when i was 11 and then forgot about them and now i have been forced to buy back all the albums i used to have because i remembered that i do truly love them. especially get in the ring. i think that is my new theme song. with elloquence and simplicity, axl points out "i don't like you, i just hate you, i'm gonna kick your ass." and his voice cracks on ass.

reminds me of my stepbrother. he is 15, he used to have a crush on me until i played sex pistols and david bowie over his alan jackson to piss him off. let me tell you the tuba story. he romances his potential girlfriends on the phone by playing them tuba. it must be a riveting mating process in georgia.

hahaha my dog just snarted blood all over my white cat. i really don't like my cat.

oh and my mom bought my grandmother some really cheap facial cleanser stuff for christmas and apparently she was allergic to it and her whole face is swollen and red now.

die young stay pretty.

i think i am going to watch the videos of all my old ballet recitals now. so in the words of michael monore (or andy mccoy but does it really matter?) "your hero is a zero and you're just another weirdo."


hit a homer