sam colt made him equal?


this is not going to be pretty. instead of writing some humorous ancedotes about my day and my dog and my loony family, i am going to discuss something that really bothers me. so don't say you weren't warned. this is a rant. don't worry, i will be funny again shortly.

i am sick and tired of guns. of course, the developments in atlanta today brought this about. but the whole columbine thing really got me upset and this was the straw that broke the camels back. this is not the rant of some liberally raised big city girl who thinks that everyone should eat organic fruit and mellow out. this is the rant of someone who is severely upset by what she has to see on tv, in the news and in the magazines.

my dad was (is still, only not working street duty anymore. he is kind of a corporate whore to the public safety advocates now. he begs for money and sucks ass and they get a new car) a police officer. when i was a child, he used to have multiple guns in his trunk at any given time. and he told me the whole, "guns don't hurt people, people do" thing and showed me that not everyone who owns a gun is a nut. however, i was still scared shitless of them and remember that i would hide in the closet if he was cleaning and/or shooting a gun. being raised in georgia, it was customary to use a gun for the simple purpose of killing a snake. so he was used to it. i was scared of the loud sound they made at the time and clearly remember after seeing a news show about guns and criminals, realizing that not everyone who had a gun was as responsible and dare i say it, sane, as my dad. that scared the shit out of me too.

my dad respected the fact that i didn't like guns and didn't force me to shoot them or anything. and don't blame this whole thing on me being a girl either, because my cousin jeannie carried one under her seat in her car when she was 18. ahhh, my family. so funny yet completely lethal. the next time i came in contact with a gun was in 6th grade when jaime sheehan, the token 6th grade badass, thought he would look cool by walking around the neighborhood with one in his waistband. it wasn't as if this was compton or south central, we were in the suburbs. i thought it was dumb and got the fuck away from him very fast.

then i met my friend paulina in ballet class. she was from russia and was jewish. when her family moved here she was 9 and they moved to new york city. she was at a jewish community center pool when someone walked by and opened fire on the kids in the pool. luckily no one was killed but paulina was hit by a bullet in the arm and showed me the scar. again, guns scared the shit out of me.

so now we move to today. i am actually somewhat conservative on some political issues but as you can tell, guns are not one of them. politicians like george w bush pass legislation like the concealed weapons act and actually gain popularity. this means that you can, in fact, carry a gun in your car. you know, just in case someone cuts you off. and it is not just bush and texas that are to blame. in georgia, you don't need a permit or license to carry a gun and there is again, the concealed weapons law. there was legislation in the georgia house just last month to allow gun makers who are at fault to be sued for compensation for the damage and violence they produce. the legislation was quickly killed by the NRA lobby. i have lived in the deep south or bible belt long enough to have seen that coming.

so what does the gun lobby say is wrong with resticting and/or prohibiting the sale and distribution of guns? well, their big crowd pleaser is self-defense. okay folks, let's look at it this way. if a armed assailant gets in your house, has his gun ready and you are asleep, do you really think you have a fucking chance to get your gun out of the bedside table, take the safety off and aim in the dark at this person, thereby saving the household? most likely, no. be thankful you lived as long as you did and maybe spend that time thinking of ways to get the fuck out of your house. let them take your shit. now maybe these statistics are just twisted propaganda from the liberal media (thank you, ted nugent) but that gun you have in the house to protect everyone is 7 times more likely to accidentally kill someone you are trying to protect. any gamblers wanna take the odds on that? so the second defense is hunting. well, my first instinct is to say, save the fucking money you spend on bullets and guns and go to Winn Dixie and buy some damn meat from the butcher. but i guess there are still those hairy-of-chest men (and women?) who like to spend a whole day in the woods slathered in deer piss so they can shoot a deer and mount it's head for the family room. and i speak from experience. my cousin paul used to do this. the first time his young son saw bambi and connected the deer heads on the wall with the story on the tv, paul promptly ended his hunting days. he now shoots deer in another way. he takes a camera now.

and no, i am not going to do the whole 2nd amendment debate. enough has been said about that to fill up every amount of available space on my page. but i will say this, do we really still vigorously uphold and defend the idea that we just CANNOT shleter and give quarters to soldiers in war or peacetime?

again, call it propaganda or cheesy or whatever but two things really molded my views on guns. when i was 7 or 8, there was an ad campaign in national magazines that read: (this is almost verbatim)

gun deaths in britain per year: 45

gun deaths in germany per year: 36

gun deaths in france per year: 16

gun deaths in japan per year: 3

gun deaths in america per year: 225,000

given population differences, there is obviously going to be a larger number in america. but how do you explain that big of a difference?


and the other was when i was in new york and saw the deathclock. for those of you that don't know what this is, it is a numerical representation of each death that occurs with the use of a gun. it will literally tick away while you are standing there. and the count is only since the board was put up in 1993.

don't blame the media, entertainment or video games. granted there are a lot of violence in all of the above and should be screened before putting your three year old in front of any of them to keep them occupied. a clockwork orange, one of the most violent and masochist films ever made, was released in most major countries and didn't result in widespread massacres. it's funny how most people can tell the difference between fiction and reality. i don't think that most gun deaths come from pulp fiction but rather situations like the one that happened today, a middle aged loony loses money in the market, goes nuts and very conviently for him, lives in a country and state which seem to have no real problem with anyone over the age of 18 having guns. and not that people under 18 can't get them either.

i love america in many ways. cool food, cheaper prices, better coca cola, rich pop culture etc. but things like what happened today and what happened in littleton make me want to move to some place that doesn't feel like allowing the most derranged and sadistic of people complete access to deadly weapons. i don't want to move to the rive gauche and eat baguettes and stop shaving or anything, but maybe to a place with, not neccesarily less violence in society, but less of a laissez faire attitude about weapons, which in the hands of just one wrong person, can kill mulitple innocent people in a split second.

okay, i think i need to stop now before charlton heston or tom selleck wipe me off the face of the earth or make a sitcom about the NRA called, "so you hate guns huh, amanda?" sorry to rant but i am all kinds of mad about this right now.


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