king volcano


i was really hoping that after writing that big thing on my feelings about the manics, i would start getting hate mail. lo and behold, someone has signed my guestbook with clever ridicule, not once but twice! bitchin!

among the charges levelled at me were, i look like kd lang, i have an unhealthy michael monroe obsession, i think i am cool and i am not six stone. and one of the people who signed this in my guestbook actually wrote they were from kent! the only person i know from kent won't even admit that without a grimace. so anyways, and, when you have the balls to leave your real email adresses in my guestbook, we'll talk. until then, fuck off.

i must say that the funniest part of the criticism was the fact that i thought was i was cool. if you read my page, i have a self-depreciative sense of humor. i can be a complete dork sometimes and actually tend to be one most times. as far as looking like kd lang, i am actually confident enough in myself to gladly say i do not resemble kd lang in any way. thanks though. i was told i look like the bassist from travis once. and i am very familiar with kent and that, more than anything, makes me consider what you wrote a cry for help. maybe you should consider getting the fuck out of kent. look what it did to Sidney Vicious.

okay, i guess i am now the target of hate for prepubescent manics fans with internet connections. but on to better things.

i am packed and ready to get on that big greyhound in the erm, station in downtown dallas. wish me luck. i am sure i will have plenty of things to say when i get back.

until then i ask you who killed mr moonlight?

okay everyone, have fun while i am gone. be good. don't hit your brothers and sisters and remember...

"never never never NEVER shake a baby!"- an actual bumper sticker chrissy and i saw a while ago.


she's in parties