never never never never shake a baby


if you are wondering where the title came from, it was an actual bumper sticker on a car that i saw a long time ago. and the fourth never was capitalized. i guess they have their bag and it is making sure babies don't get shaken. good for them.

well, i saw chomski, the polish chomsky cover band, on thursday at the galaxy club. that was fun.

i can't remember what i did on saturday night. no, not in that way. i am sure it was something involving moving boxes and tripping over something but i can't recall exactly what it was. i moved all weekend. it is pretty fruitless though because i had to pack my stuff up and unpack it knowing i will only have to move it again shortly.

on that front, i had to cancel my potential roomate. this came about when i talked to her on the phone and went over the plans again and she said, "oh that's too far from my work. nevermind." if one quote could sum up my weekend, that is probably it. but over the weekend, while moving a china cabinet, the top of which i haven't seen since i was a small child and my mother was given it, i found a heart shaped mood ring that fits perfectly. and it has been black since i put it on. no, this is not my peter murphy statement, it has been baking near a light fixture for a good 10 years.

but i managed to tear a big chunk out of my toe this weekend while moving and now i walk like the kid from mask. except cher isn't my mom.

speaking of my mom, as i promised, she has shared some of her musical opinions with me recently. they included:

heart are too "disco" for her. i told her that they are the female led zepplin. she still thinks they are too disco.

she liked sarah mclachlan's "angel" until it was overplayed. bummer.

my mom still thinks that paul revere and the raiders and meat loaf are the two best musical acts she has ever heard.

she thinks the stevie nicks album i bought her is "over-orchestrated." her words not mine. she says she can't hear stevie's voice enough. but she will listen to it on headphones soon.

oh and the only local band she likes is doosu because she has worked with todd harwell for 10 years. it's funny because i was like 10 years old and had no idea this guy was in a band or anything and chrissy's younger sister recently told me of the doosu-mania that went down in plano. apparently, those wacky collin county kids thought doosu were the osmonds. screaming and everything. i wonder if they know the drummer used to look like michael bolton and works with troubled youth during the day? but he is a nice guy and gave me a free cd once when doosu got some big deal or break or something. i was 13 and only listened to the beatles so i think i hid it somewhere like it were a pack of cigarettes or something.

if you feel so inclined to go get your read on, buy the new CMJ and AP. my boys (buckcherry) are in it. covers, fashion shoots, wackiness. i am also making a new pledge that i am not reading interviews or articles about them anymore. at first, i just noticed little mistakes and laughed. now, they are getting bigger and bigger mouths and i realized today that if i didn't know them and just picked up these magazines, i would hate them. maybe the writers are taking things out of context. but it is in every article i read about them so i doubt the conspiracy thing. these guys are kind and intelligent guys yet every time i read an interview, they are like, "heh heh heh, boobs. yeah yeah, cool." they may say that but they say it in much (or at least a little) more flowering terms. so i think it is better to keep my memories of them seperate from the publicity-minded buckcherry that are being hurled at anyone with eyeballs or ears.

but i can't blame them. they have sold 500,000 albums and i have sold about 25 albums this year. and those weren't even albums by me, just ones i bought and then had to sacrifice to the paper money god to get money for shows or gas or whipper snapple or something. (note to all: whipper snapple tastes like melted sherbert poured into your mouth. and they aren't joking when they say "best if cold").

but as michael at the rock stop said to me today, "if it rocks, has loud guitars and lots of makeup, i am a sucker for it!"

and with that, my little kiss army, i say peace out. straight up.


i heart ?