what would an interpol party be without chad's picture being taken

and taken again

superstar chad, chrissy and the reflection part of my head


craig (famous skateboarder) johnson and clint (drummer) phillips at the cavern on what must be a monday night

karl "i change my stage name on a weekly basis" moore and the afformentioned craig johnson

me with karl and craig standing in front of a cheesy faux brick wall

could you move back a little further to take this picture?

tight like family

i used to dj at the cavern on monday nights. now clint does. but no hard feelings. see.


lenny shrimpton and cop

snowy palamino and cop

karl moore and cop

ali g's #1 fan and a cop

rusty is evil (and sideways)

still evil, still sideways


chrissy and i took this picture in the bathroom at trees during a particularly long brian jonestown massacre jam


i'm sick of your friends. give me more blurry concert shots!