i'm gonna get off scot-fucking-free


it is not a very good time for amanda. i found out that as of 9 days from now, i am, wait 'til you hear this, homeless. i was going to move into my mom's new apartment until i could get my apartment. now, she says i can't. my grandmother also will not let me live with her. so, i don't know what i am going to do. i also cannot get my car's brakes fixed until i get a job and i can't get to a (potential) job without a car. i know what you are thinking. serves you right for fucking around just driving and wasting time and not getting a job when your car worked. i fucked up big time. give me a big ruler to beat myself about the head with.

so i am listening to modest mouse. i don't know why it makes me feel better but it has become my metaphorical "blankie" for the past few days. i just want to crawl into a corner with modest mouse, absolut and my teddy bear and suck my thumb. god, i am talking about listening to emopop and sulking in my problems. ew, shoot me in the ass!

but i did rent a lot of movies of this labor day (wooohooo!) weekend and rediscovered and/or discovered things to make amanda smile.

1. mystery science theater 3000- i used to watch this show religiously. i loved joel and had what i would even admit to being a little crush on him. when they replaced joel with mike after watching "mitchell," i was upset. i didn't really see mike as being up to snuff. (of course, i was all of 15 when this happened) but then as i finally started liking mike, they moved it to the scifi channel and it just wasn't as good. but they have all the good old skool comedy central episodes at the video store. i rented "mitchell" "manos: hands of fate" and "the brain that wouldn't die" all of which i have seen but the jokes are even funnier when you have heard them once and have since forgottten them.

2. performance- having a card to a cool movie store that stocks stuff like this is something i reccomend. so i rented performance and had to convince the family that they probably didn't want to see it. luckily, mom remembered she hated mick jagger so that helped. i love this movie for certain reasons that all hip people say they like this movie for. one thing i will not lie about is, there is no real plot or message or point to the movie. not in a good way like clockwork or something, just pointless. and anita pallenberg kills me. whoever thought, "let's give a kooky german model a lithium drip and then film the wackiness!" is a cool person. but memo from turner is worth all of it. and the part where mick and anita and the foriegn girl are in the tub and mick goes, "should i wash my hair?" and anita smells it and tells him "no, of course not!" like it was a completely irrational question. classic!

3. lock stock and two smoking barrels- for some reason, this movie didn't seem as good the second time. maybe it was the fact that everyone else in the room seemed bored to the point of tears by it. i still liked it but i think it was knowing how everything would fall into place took the edge off it.

4- 200 cigarettes- i liked this movie when i saw it in the theater and liked it more when i rented it. it is not necessarily a great piece of cinematic triumph but i thought it was entertaining enough.

5- sweethearts- fuck me. okay, the movie was supposed to be about a woman (janeane garafalo) who places a singles ad and sets up a date to meet the person who responded at a cafe. she shows up and isn't as attractive as she described herself to be to the guy and he starts to ditch her. she pulls a gun on him to keep him there and, according to the movie box, slowly shows him the flaws in his chauvanistic logic and subsequently, they fall in love. sounds good enough, right? this had to be one of the worst movies i have ever seen. and remember, i watched naked gun 33 1/3, chairman of the board AND speed 2: cruise control all in one day once. really, this movie was painfully bad. luckily i have only seen one copy of it and it was at my local blockbuster so you are probably safe from it's tenacles of suckiness. but beware!

alright, tonight is the big chomsky vs deathray davies show. funny enough, i saw the key players of both of these local gems at a club last night. dallas, your icons are on the loose!

okay i gotta stop writing before i get any less coherant and further from any point. like performance.


turn it up, i like that