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okay, this page was away for a while. it had a few drinks, couldn't get a cab home and ended up being taken in by a nomadic puerto rican family. but it is home again.

news: i am going to los angeles in about three weeks.

my dog is gettting really sad. she looks like she is comatose all the time except when she stirs to bite service people. so she still has that fighting spirit.

a lighter almost exploded in my hand today. and it was turbo too. who would've thought? i felt like inspector gadget there for a minute.

the manics cancelled their us tour. i couldn't go so there must be some good karma out there. sorry to the hundreds of thousands of other manics fans that had tickets and are now really bummed. i accuse history, i accuse.

my mom went to england and met, erhm, we'll call him "doug." he is sending me a bunch of old punk records he has in his attic and the new gay dad single. so points for that.

my crazy aunt kidnapped my grandfather from his nursing home, brainwashed him and is now trying to avoid all her possesions being repossesed by using his social security checks. the court said, "no, that is not nice. don't do that" but gave her custody of him so she said, "if he becomes a burden, i will drop him off on the highway and go live in daytona beach." she is a sweetie huh? she also used to give me checks in the exact amount for a carton of doral light 100's when i was like 7. she knew the exact price and "didn't want to have to put shoes on" so i used to have to go buy cartons of dorals with personal checks at the local grocery store, which was also a bait and tackle shop. ahhh, southern georgia.

i got my handwriting professionally analyzed. it said i am sarcastic, manipulitive, enjoy competing with males, don't remember things i say, make mountains out of molehills and have a strong anti self esteem streak. i feel better already.

i got my beerhouse shirt back though. i am really happy about that one.

speaking of cool shirts, i have this one that has a skull and crossbones that says, "and on the eighth day, God created dirty deuce. face me. face death. and the devil stood at attention." it is niiiiiice. and on the back it says "harrah." it think there must have been some big hell's angels charity softball game (you know how hell's angels are, they love their organized sports).

i am listening to a lot of coyote shivers right now. he looks like johnny thunders and is like a combonation of iggy pop and weird al. not really i guess but i don't write for rolling stone so i don't have to come up with highly accurate comparisons.

i had a blowout on the tollway (read: fast-moving, Darwinism -in- effect type road). but everything was okay and jesse got new tires. then jesse chose to play "i don't wanna drive like nice, normal cars and you can't make me!" so now it is like a little game of russian roulette in the car every day.

i saw buckcherry a whole lot while the page was with that nice nomadic puerto rican family (no relation to ricky martin or jennifer lopez, i might add). crispy and i made a peace offering. and as usual, chrissy and i both got numerous compliments on our breasts. for a simple anatomical part that has been with me the better part of this decade, i am now only truly appreciating them and thank you buckcherry for that.

i don't know what color my hair was last time i wrote something but after the blonde and plum and black and black with blonde chunks and then black with blonde skunk spots (it was an accident and i ended up looking like yvonne decarlo) it is now, gasp, a natural color and all one color. mind you, still not my natural one but closer than i have been in a while.

there was a band called chlorine that opened up for buckcherry and they had a song called, "dance mutherfucker dance." or "jump motherfucker jump" or something like that. it was nice.

oh and if you want to hear what "guns n roses" (in quotes because axl and dizzy and tommy stinson hardly count as guns n roses) sound like now, go see big daddy. in the credits, there is a live version of "sweet child o mine" that morphs into a "new" version by the "new gnr." i haven't actually heard it but considering trent reznor is now axl's paramour, i can only imagine. props out to axl. i am not in any way playa hating. nothin but love.


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