it was a cold smash


so i keep writing entries and then scrapping them and slacking off again. sorry.

well, last night i had a little adventure. deidre, david, erin and chrissy and i were all going to the wreck room to see chomsky and centromatic. i swear i do other things than seeing chomsky. i know it may seem like i don't but i do. anyways, we went in two cars (phew!) and after chomsky, erin and chrissy and i decided to leave. about 5 minutes later, we were in front of the courthouse in downtown fort worth prying erin's door open to let her out of her freshly wrecked car. some girls from houston and the colony were going the wrong way down a one way street. then they thought they should do a 180 on the road to go the right way. i was looking down and the only things i remember are "oh shit!" and a smash. and i hit the same damn knee i hit in chrissy's car wreck. so the cops finally came and we cracked jokes with them while erin tried to not a)cry or b)deck the girls from the other car who were trash with a big t. we got a ride back to the wreck room in the back of the cop car. (note: the doors don't open from the inside) we found deidre and david and got back to the heb. then erin and i got back into home sweet dallas county.

so the moral of the story is, don't go the wrong way down a one way street. and if you do, don't go, "my bad!" and try to turn the right way. just trying to help out.

so it looks as if i may not be at guitar center much longer. my boss is a dick and he hates me but i was going to stick it out. then i got an offer to work somewhere where the pay and hours are better and there is a better dress code. so i will find out monday which place i will work. but i stayed at this job long enought to collect two paychecks. that is a record.

i had a really good idea for a band but then i found out it was already taken. i was trying out an epiphone we got in at guitar center and one of my coworkers commented that i was not metal enough. (only a half-joke around there i am afraid) i responded with, "i am so metal i might blow into shrapnel at any minute." then i thought how good that name would be for a hardcore offshoot of spinal chord regeneration (after the "death evasion" album or EP). little did i know it was already taken. even my psuedobands are already taken. it's all been done before.

and now i must admit that i am a tad bit addicted to something i have always shunned. i know dawson's creek is funny and overly dramatic and stuff but i never really thought it was melodramatic enough to sit through an hour of it. i like valley of the dolls. but last weeks episode was damn good and pacey and dawson called each other "sonsofbitches!" so i think i am getting sucked in now. dammit.

and i know i shouldn't let the cat out of the bag but i just have to run this one by the three people who actually read my page. i have my halloween costume already picked out. i am going to be the indie witch of south by southwest. now here is where i need everyone's help. if you can think of ways to hep me get the point of my costume across, please let me know. i am getting a black witch wig and cutting indie bangs on it. but other than that, i don't know really how to pull it off. and don't just email me: "dress up like kim deal. same thing." c'mon guys, be creative. help me. give a sister a hand.


i'll get you my little pretty things