i know but i don't know

what is this? i updated my page more often than once a month? i get a cookie.

i am about to kill some small children. i know what you are thinking. "hmm, amanda, maybe if you listened to a little less agressive noise, you wouldn't feel that way." but no, this is different. okay, i don't want to kill them but just mess up their vocal chords or amputate their legs. let me explain. a few months ago, the kids in the house behind us got their parents to rent a moon bounce for them. it was over a school holiday so it was no big deal. well apparently, they liked it so much that their parents bought them a moon bounce of their very own. a minature version but a moon bounce none the less. so the kids went back to school and the sound of them screaming every time their little feet left the ground ceased. but now it is sunny and warm and springy (pun) and they jump for like 8 hours straight a night. and instead of putting them to bed at 10pm, the parents just put them out on the moon bounce. so they can jump more. and scream really loudly each time they do. this is going into week two that i have seen them bouncing at 5pm and see lights go on outside at 10pm so the little kiddies won't moon bounce into say, concrete walkways or each other.

but in other news... (or what is going on)

chrissy is moving to orlando. i am obviously sad because she is my trust-sidekick to the maxx. and her van is really fun to ride in. but in all seriousness (i know, on this page it is a rare commodity) i will miss her very much badly. but the good news is that she is NOT, i repeat NOT, joining a cult or studying samurai warriors in west africa. she is going to school to get her learn on. and she is going to be living in a fat cat pad with a pool in a lake (from what i hear) and really near disneyworld. and a few hours south of coca cola world. so it will be good for her (the education and the caffine and sun) but she will be missed sorely. send her picutures of john taylor if you want to.

speaking of sun and tans (john taylor was just a vehicle for this next paragraph) i did something very funny the other day. for some reason, a bottle of spray on self tanner just called out to me. i don't know why although i have watched road rules in latin america a whole lot recently. so i hose myself down in the stuff and go to sleep. i woke up and the first thought was "oops i sleep on a matress with an egg crate and no sheets. maybe that wasn't a good idea." then i get up a realize that my ankles, knees, elbows and other joint type apparatus things are a very dark brown. i am talking like jimmy cliff brown. then i realize that my hands (i washed them like the directions said) were stained orange. so my legs and arms are orange with spots of brown where joints are and white where the stuff rubbed off on my egg crate. i feel really cool. i think i am going to change my name to cheetah streetwalker. sounds very punk huh? yes because punk and suntans go together like this. i think i was meant to be fairly pasty.

and alex the crazy (not in a bobo the clown crazy but in a really truly mentally disturbed way. he tried to crucify himself on a towel rack in a mental ward once) waiter at denny's is back. and i made the fortunate/unfortunate move of asking him where i could get a switchblade. i found out but also got to hear about what he told the courts when he was arrested for assualt with a deadly weapon. it was really convincing and mel gibson would quiver at the amount of passion for vengance this man has. and he is completely looney.

iggy day is nigh. am i excited? yes.

oh and this is in no way a full-fledged concert review of the d generation show (read: does not contain the phrase "crunchy guitars" or "throbbing bass" or "heartfelt vocals") instead it is merely my girly gushing. so don't ask about the setlist. they played no way out, frankie, feels like suicide, helpless and of course, degenerated. so there, that out of the way. okay. michael wildwood=gone. new drummer=joe rizzo. richard bacchus=gone. new guitarist=some really really stoned guy named jim. that was all i got out of him before he lapsed into a coma. highlights of the show: when jesse asked "where can we get a drink around here?" and chrissy responded "my appartment." danny's guitar picks grazing my head constantly, only to be snapped up by 14 year olds who apparently gave up a night of babysitting to see the show. then i moved to be right in front of jesse and beside danny. i was frowning (concetrating) when danny asked if i was okay. i said yes and he smiled and winked. cute enough. then apparently, he made some slightly sexual gesture to howie pyro who responded with said gesture back. and jesse gave me his beer. then we all hung out around the bar, traded marky ramone stories with joe rizzo (who we taught how to speak texan), jesse bought me a much appreciated water, and danny got really drunk (it was his birthday) and hit on some guy's wife all night. then the guys went into the bathroom and all was well. rock and roll will never die. yeah! ha ha.

i am dj'ing and the big kleenex (generation x cover band) show friday. and getting paid to do so. i never thought i would get paid to play sigue sigue sputnik, 20 flight rockers and dead boys records. in case you are wondering, the only real gen x connection with the dead boys is the fact that the figure crouched on the floor with headphones on appearing on the cover of the sonic reducer single is a then unknown billy idol. well, not unknown but anyways. it's enough of an excuse to play "all this and more" repeatedly.

well, better go figure out how to work a turntable. ha ha.


you can, but not with me