here she comes, she bangs the drums


well, if you haven't already, please go check out my abracadabra section. it is what happens when i have time and a photoshop program. it made me think of how much i miss photography classes and how they were the only classes i really dug, or for that matter, showed up to. i had some wicked pictures of liam gallagher and the dandy warhols and blur and others and when i was in photography class, i got to develop and print any pictures i wanted for free (except the cost of paper). ahhh, the good old days. okay, i should either go back to school or stop bitching.

will someone please inform me where my friends/consorts have gone? i have written a bunch of people that i write fairly often and a large percentage of them have not written back. do i suck? this reminds me of this time (swear to God this is a true story) when we played the honesty game in 7th grade at a slumber party. for those of you that don't know, this is the game where you write three things about everyone that are good and three things about everyone that are bad. then they are mixed in a hat and read aloud. of course, no one listened to the good stuff and everyone would end up crying about the bad things. when we played once, everyone else's bad things were like, "wears dumb shoes, cries too much, eats ham" or something trivial like that. mine comes up and the first one was "smells bad. try deodorant and/or perfume." of course the first thing i do is run to the bathroom to cry and while i was there, i sprayed almost an entire can of right guard on me. i was really popular the rest of the night.

my grandmother returns from washington dc tommorrow, meaning i don't have a car as of, ummm, tommorrow. i have to get the brakes fixed on jesse and i have no money so i am going to have to kiss someone's ass big time. but i am going to try to go down to deep ellum tommorrow. it is one of those nights where nothing earth shattering is going on but there are some shows that would not be bad to see happening. there is the old 97's show at gypsy tea room and the gene loves jezebel show at clearview. if moogie can guestlist me for the glj show, i will go to that, if not, i will see how packed gypsy tea room is. yeah go on and point out the weirdness of chosing between gene loves jezebel and old 97's. like it is not implied.

by the way, i had a really good entry written for last week but it flew away. it literally just disappeared. it was long too. i might retype it sometime if i really feel the need to but until then, suffice it to say, amanda has a crush, pass it on. like i said, i wrote this really detailed thing explaining it all, so i will try to write another one.

you know, whatever happened to faster pussycat? i have been listening to house of pain (the song not the legendary irish-american rap act of the early 90's) and just wondering, whatever happened to them. i have also been dwelling on how much i love chris robinson. behind the music specials always make me develop crushes. really honestly. last week, i was convinced that had i been alive in the mid 70's i would have been a huge bay city rollers fan. i heart woody. he was the bass player and one of the cutest boys ever. they were all so cute! want proof?

see, i told you. this is what boys should look like. take note.

speaking of teen idols, guess what show amanda missed? duran duran. i know, i should have been there but tickets were expensive, i am in debt and the thought of hanging out in the stifling heat to see simon le bon and warren "the cooch" cuccurillo shaking their money makers doesn't make me feel that wholesome. but nick, i was there in spirit pal. a big "keep it up there, little guy" to you, mr rhodes.

and to keep you all up on the various skin diseases i get (well, not really but remember the leopracy i mentioned in the first entry i ever wrote on here?) i have leopracy again. above my lip. see, i had a cold last week/this week. you really honestly should have heard my voice. it was like amanda corleone jackson. very amusing. but so i got leopracy above my lip again. on top of it, last saturday since i was sick, i stayed at home all night and put retin-a on my face. i thought it wasn't working so i kept on putting it on. for the past couple of days, my face has been so red and sensitive, i can't let it get under the shower head or i will scream in pain. and it was peeling which meant that i had a sore above my lip and my face looked like it was rotting off. remember the scene from the movie splash where daryl hannah is rotting in the tank waiting for tom hanks to come save her? uh huh, duran duran who is your electric barbarella? but it is all healing and i feel a lot better, thanks.


have you seen her, have you heard?