here comes your man


romance novels crack me up. if you are ever at half-price books or wal mart and happen to pass by the romance novel section, stop and take a look. or, for even more fun, read them aloud in your most judith light-esque voice. husband hunting 101, the perfect man, and the rugged cowboy are all good examples of "modern" romance novels with plots like, "sharon wanted to keep her mind busy while her messy divorce was becoming final. she had no idea that enrolling in a paper mache sculpture class and her professor, pierre, would change her outlook on art and life forever." now, these novels are all already classics in my mind. however, there was somthing missing from them. they just needed an "indie" slant. that is when i thought, "hey why not write an indie romance novel?" so, here is my indie romance novel. it has a dallas slant just because it is an easy target. so ladies and gentleman, i give you here comes your man.


chapter one

nina was having a hard week. first, her film professor at her community college thought her documentary entitled "sideburns" was "pointless." then, her car got broken into while parked on malcolm x. the real bummer was that her cd wallet full of import singles was stolen. blur, supergrass, guided by voices, pavement, sebadoh, old funland albums and even an autographed stone roses single. it seems that cruel lady fate did indeed bang the drum. so the yo la tengo show was quite a welcome escape from her sucky week. saturday night came around and nina was both apprehensive and excited about the yo la tengo show.

she slid into her best dark denim, turned her turn ups up proudly. she then picked out her sparkliest baby tee and most "retro" trainers. she was bound for tree's and no one could stop her.

taking a deep breath, she walked through the front door of tree's and headed straight to the bar for a shiner. standing at the bar gazing at his shoes was todd, the former drummer for the now-defunct local space rock/drone heroes, earwhig. he had been avoiding eye contact all night and couldn't figure out why exactly he looked up at the exact moment nina walked by. did the reflection off her barettes attract his eye? was it her promise ring pin on her baby backpack? he couldn't tell but he knew one thing, she was different. he could feel his palms getting wet. whether it was his palms sweating out of nervous admiration or the condensation from the large can of foster's he was holding, he couldn't tell. he tried to hide his interest by bumming a cigarette off someone and cooly taking drags of it while nodding in approval as husker du blared over the PA. did bob mould ever feel this kind of attraction? like the beauty of an e, f and c chord put together into a song by lou reed, this was magic.


so that is what i have so far. i will add more to it later. i hope you all have enjoyed this. no animals were hurt in the making of this story and the characters in this story are all fictional and not based on real people. any coincidences are just that.


get me the hell out of here tin tin! you too lilac time!