hell could feasibly freeze

(copyright the bluetones, 1996)


okay i am feeling a little better because i have talked to my mom and convinced her that being homeless would, as i suspected, suck and she saw my side. whew.

okay first rant/rave of this entry. as i wrote last night, i went to see deathray davies and chomsky at club clearview (look we have a roof deck too!). i had only seen deathray davies once before and they were okay that time. so i wasn't even really going to see them. i now must declare that i feel differently. granted there were more members last night than the first time i saw them, they were so good last night. which made me feel bad for not giving them props like they deserve. they kinda took the elements i like of superdrag and brian jonestown massacre and made them pleasant. they didn't really sound like either band but they had the straightforward pop songs like superdrag but weren't as bare bones. they had a full sound like bjm but didn't drone a bit. kudos for that. with denton being so close, drone seems to just suck people in.

but chomsky were the reason i went there and chomsky shall remain the reason i will sell cd's to get money for cover to see them. and i am not a person to really be dedicated to local bands. except riverboat gamblers but that is just obvious. but chomsky. i saw them in january and have liked them since. they really aren't too innovative or avant garde. they are just so good. they just are good pop music. it is one those bands that no one can hate. like when you are in the car with your parents and put in rubber soul just because you know they dig it and you dig it too. and it is just good. and chomsky have "woah oh oh oh" bridges in their song. god, i really like them a lot. and keeping with the fine chomsky tradition, there were drunk and/or mentally unstable dancer girls. i think this is just of late that this trend is really picking up but the past few times i have seen chomsky, they are always there. last night, the drunk dancer lady was like 35 and shimmy-ing and flinging her hair on mr gambini of the gambini crime family. mr gambini looked like he got into it finally and did his dance for her, which i can only describe as the gambini family chicken mating dance.

so i am going to see chomsky again tonight. funny enough, deathray davies and legendary crystal chandelier are playing too so that means that it will be the exact same people as last night, give or take a few. it is like the DFW area roaming pop minstrel show.

okay, i have changed my page around a little and would like more input on what would be good to do. mom reviews albums is always good. my mom hates blur but loves oasis. she really likes paul weller solo stuff and cast too. and she had to go buy her own copy of urban hymns by the verve so she could give mine back. so basically, my mom is dadrock. but my mom favorite musicians are fleetwood mac, meat loaf, tracy chapman, bette midler and the eagles. but luckily she was a big paul reverve and the raiders fan so i got her old albums. so yeah, mom reviewing music is always good. example: mom on modest mouse, "poor boy, not only can he not sing and his voice cracks, he couldn't even find guys who could play their instruments to back him up."

so if you want my mom to review music and if you have a specific reccomendation of what she should review, please, drop me a line. melaniedavis@yahoo.com


when i am sad and weary, when all my hope is gone... i listen to a shine compilation