full on 'til i die


ah, couldn't resist using the chomsky reference. damn. i love that damn band. i can't wait until thursday night when they are playing the galaxy club. i am such a dork, i am taking money for a shirt and a cd. i don't usually do this. their shirts are even cute though glen looks like like noel coward on it. the only audio clip i could find is one minute and i think if a link could be worn out, it is that one by me. i have listened to it millions of times. it is of "mason" which my friends might know as the mastorbator song. their homepage is even cute. go there now or die. just tell 'em kojak sent you. all mods con.

i look very close to moving into a house off greenville. one of those nice old houses with hardwood floors and dark brick. and close to seedy establishments like snuffers. just in case i want to eat food that tastes like it was prepared on the bathroom floor. maybe i can be a scenster now too since i live in the hip area. it's funny, i went to greenvilleave.com and read their description of the area. they said lower greenville was "a bohemian area full of pubs and art!" well, kinda. the mural on the side of the london tavern has a caricature of the queen. and it is a bar. so okay. and for all you nostalgia buffs, that is where i vomited back around christmas last year.

it is going to be weird because i am sharing this house with someone i hardly know but is dating a really good friend of mine. strange. but as long as i have somewhere to put my poster of oasis with roy clark's head taped over noel's (i made it myself!), i am fine. and my car is going to be fixed demain. fuck yeah. i have missed cruising in jesse. i cleaned it out and put a vanillaroma tree in it and he is ready to go. short of actually having the brakes fixed and a few other major illegal things i need to take care of. but i got five on it.

dammit, i want chomsky to play at my wedding. and i want fury III to play my funeral because steve nutt's humor is so black it is blue. i am going to ask chomsky to reserve a friday night sometime within the next 10 years to play my wedding.

patsy kensit gave birth to liam gallagher's first sprog last night. and they named it lennon. i am going to name my firstborn macca. but back to lenny gallagher. how cool is this kid going to be? bets on whether or not he runs away from home? probably as soon as he learns to walk. imagine christmas, picking crumbs out of uncle noel's eyebrows. jumping on uncle paul's belly. god, what a lucky kid.

okay, i also decieded to start doing a concert calendar of sorts. since i never remember to write about shows after i see them, i am going to preview the shows now and then have something to use as reference later on. sounds complicated but trust me, i know what i am doing. and for those of you in dallas who like to know where the cool people aren't or want to find me and kick my ass, i am making it too easy.

thursday, sept 16- chomsky at galaxy club. obviously, if i say anything else about these guys it will end up like some smash hits rant. just trust me.

friday sept 24- club clearview. zeke and murder city devils. i love the devils but for some reason, i am not really excited about seeing them yet. i know when that drum kit goes up in flames, i will regret saying this. also, i have to figure out a way to get in as i am no longer the person born in 1977 that i was for the past few weeks.

weener are also playing this night and if i can see mcd and then run over to tree's, i will.

saturday sept 25- alabama at the state fair. my cousin is jeff cook, the guitarist. as long as i have known johnny christ, he has introduced me to people as the girl whose cousin is in alabama. he has been begging me for the hookup to this show so go, we will. should be one of the most fun things i will ever do in my life.

thursday sept 30- buckcherry at starplex. guestlist, guestlist, guestlist. i have never been to starplex and don't know how i feel about buckcherry being my first show there. only two people, chrissy and i, at their first dallas show, dammit! do you hear me? two people!

friday oct 1- marvelous 3 and self at galaxy club. i can't wait to see marvelous 3 in a small club setting. and self?! i love them too. this is just going to be a really happy, afterglowy show. and crowded i bet. but i get to see jayce and co again and hear him say "drankin" and slug do the infamous swinger finger move. wooohoo.

(honrable mention: the next night at tree's: nashville pussy and motorhead. won't be going but can only imagine what that is going to be like)

sunday oct 3- the black halos at the tattoo bar in ft worth. i am scared of this so very much. i have never been to the club for reasons such as the fact that bands like gropius, dismal past and deathskull or something regularly are on the bill. but these are my boys and i feel i must be there to translate for them. they are canadian. they could end up dead in an alley in a mistaken attempt on tom green's life. and they are opening for lost goat, an all girl metal band. yep, i am going there to see my friends. and driving home quickly.

(i am missing pavement this night. and happy to. last time was a bad thing i wish not to repeat)

tuesday oct 5- ash at tree's. i am really happy about this even though i don't like charlotte, the new album or the headlining band. but i loved ash a whole lot not too long ago so it will be like a big completion. and i am sure they will be good live. and how many times can you see ash in dallas?

friday oct 8- elvis costello at starplex. fancy seeing starplex again. twice in one year. i don't know for sure whether i am going to this show but it would be fun.

friday oct 15- jon spencer blues explosion at tree's. i never hated jsbx but never really liked them that much either. i have been liking them more recently. i guess my sympathy towards white boys who want to be black has blossomed a little. and i would venture to guess this will be a good show. worth the money i bet.

no, i will not be seeing low or IQU. they are coming to town. i will not be there. i would rather french kiss a sawed off shotgun. i will listen to winger all night if i must.

and on that note, goodnight.


he said just use your wits