caught with the meat in your mouth


i am such a tease, i know. i go updating this page and then what happens? i slack off again. dammit, i suck.

well, on to brighter things. it has been a busy month so far. well, i mean two months. i again found a band to talk favorably about and of course, they are from canada so i can't see them just about any time i want to. and who are these marvelous men? well, my friend, the black halos is their name and rock and roll (or a damn good Dead Boys imitation) is their game. no, all you phish fans that read my page (time out: if there are any of you, please exit now) that is not the dead. no, something far better. this band opened for the murder city devils. who by the way, are required listening. why you ask? umm, a song that says "Iggy, I like the taste of your sweat" and a song called "Johnny Thunders" about... fuck off if you have to ask. but the black halos. brilliant fucking band. and you will notice on the link below, there is a link to the michael monroe homepage on their page (along with a johnny thunders link) so i think there is a distinct pattern here. so go to this page and sign the guestbook and tell them how good they are even if you have never seen or heard them in your life. c'mon, try to tell me you don't go up to musicians at shows and say "good show" even if it was 3 hours of them coughing up bloodclots. trust me, these boys deserve praise.

so anyways, in related news... music midtown in coming up soon. trinket, the tender idols, kent, buckcherry, rick springfield, marvelous 3, war and the greatest peanut butter and hamburger meat sandwich on this planet, iggy pop. of course, i am over the moon (yes, i can say that and still have cred) about seeing him live. but it also has this very pope-like aura. and big props out to atlanta for having this festival because i can think of only a few more people i would actually want to be there. and wally pleasant and corn mo are probably booked so, it will do.

oh and i am seeing d generation tommorrow night. can you feel the aqua net pumping through my veins?

in actual events that transpired here in dallas in the daytime however, i have had several interesting things happen.

i got a job.

i met a computer/trinket friend. jay is his name and hair modeling is his game. ask him what he thinks of cracker barrel? gaze at his new chrissy-designed hairdo. make a comment about his promise ring pin on his bag. but don't fuck with him or chrissy and i will take you to love and war in texas and make you eat antelope and boar and raccoon until you scream for mercy. seriously, he is one cool guy and i can't wait to see what things chrissy and jay have in mind for their band, unbeaved.

and i dyed my hair again. don't ask what color it is. just be glad it is there, if only hanging on by the skin of many expensive hair products.

i am sure i have many other things to write about but, hell if i know what they are. oh yeah and by the way, i am now going to start relaying quotes that have tickled my fancy in the past few weeks. i will probably slack off on this too but who ever said i was disciplined?

"just because it is jangle core, doesn't mean the core is soft" - me at a go metric usa show

"the main influences on my hair are andy warhol, billy idol and nick rhodes"- johnny novachrome

"iggy, i like the taste of your sweat"- murder city devils

"thank you, duran duran"- lou reed (speaking about their cover of "femme fatale" on thank you)

"we are all huge rick springfield fans"- butch walker, marvelous 3

"chrissy screams manual labor"- chrissy

"i'm gonna write on your face with my pretty knife, i wanna toy with your precious life"- stiv bators

"don't turn around, der komissar's in town" - glen from chomsky

"book now, there are only (fill in blank) days left for corn mo to play your wedding"- corn mo

"it would be the easiest task in the world just to hang out in bars and nightclubs in order to find some dumb trophy female that would adorn my own sense of worth and provide some sort of temporary and shabby sexual fulfilment"- doug (my mom's internet fabio)

alright well that should do for now. and if any of you are interested in being better off in life, obtaining spiritual nirvana or getting in with the "in crowd" may i reccomend this link.

or at least be comforted in the fact that there is now a place where anyone can talk and learn about buckcherry and emo (don't be afraid) albums at the same time. and check out the mailing list too.


gonna beat up the next hippie i see