can you see the real me? can ya? can ya?

regular pictures are boring. everyone has regular pictures on their page. therefore, i took the time to steal pictures of my friends and i from their pages and manipulate them because a) i was bored and b) it represents the rebellious spirit of my page to present these images this way. or something like that.

this is my friend chrissy and i. i am on the left and she is on the right. i call this one "far fur in nightvision."


okay, i swear this is not vanity. i was playing around with buttons to try to make myself look less reprehensible in this picture and before i could stop myself, i had the freakout supersupreme thing here.

this is my interpretation of keith nelson of buckcherry if he were in an old sepia-colored silent film. this is like those "olde tyme" pictures you have made at the state fair or something.

the aim of this one was to make us look like we are in a dire straits video. it doesn't really look like that, but at least you know what my angle was. this is erin and chrissy and i at the opening of spiceworld. yes, i only have two friends. actually, i only have two friends who take pictures so these are all the friends you get to see. see how that works?

my friend tommy from trinket. he doesn't know i have done this to his picture so no one tell him, okay?



more to come soon...