bought a clock on hollywood boulevard


you don't know how many times X came up during my trip. i always thought of it as a totally cliched hollywood rockabilly trash thing, but everything they say is true.

so, more about my trip. like i said, i kept a journal and am putting the more amusing and interesting things up here. meaning i am not putting the depressed ramblings of a very upset girl stuck in a hotel on the bad side of sunset up. you wouldn't want to see it, trust me.

one of the first things i saw when i got to LA was the county courthouse so i saw where the big oj trial happened. cool. i also regularly got off at the hill and 6th street bus stop which is in the jewel district. just so you have your bearings now.

i want to give a big shout out to mike and marcus. they are easily the two coolest guys i have ever met and i got to spend some time with them shopping and listening to their jerry springer impressions. they were a lot of fun and the first night i get back to LA, i am going to make up with them. it is a once a month glam a thon and this month they are doing a big tribute to iggy. but alas, i can't be there. but i miss those guys and if they ever need a seamstress, they know who to call.

i didn't go through with my big dream of attending a taping of the price is right. i have no good reason and will probably save that for a later date. but i did get to see kiss for free at the premiere of detroit rock city. oh and robin zander and rick neilson got onstage with everclear at the premeire too. how many times must cheap trick invade my life?

i saw the black halos lots like i was going there to do. they played an excellent set in long beach. they are coming to dallas on october 3 so for those of you dallasites that read this, you will be at the galaxy club on october 3. the catheters opened for them and are really good as well. the thing that kills me is that you would never know but they are all high school kids. as marcus pointed out, it takes many frontmen years to perfect the iggy mike trick type thing and their singer has it down pat. and lars looks like a young tom petersson. we all got to hang out over al's bar (another story altogether) and it was fun.

a band i must really reccomend everyone go out and hear NOW is a band called the beat angels. marcus turned me onto them and i will link their page soon. they are perfection. and i was very impressed to find that their lead singer is also a prolific writer. he writes for popsmear and does a tour journal on the beat angels page. the closest i can describe them is a poppier d generation. capital offender, if you will. and you will.

i found another interesting thing in my "on the greyhound" journal. i wrote this in the darkness in pecos, texas and by this time i was completely out of money. hence the reason for the entry. i eventually got so hungry i had to bum money off someone for a corn dog. rock and roll is, in fact, all about glamour kiddos!


"and if i'm starving, you can feed me lollipops"

i ran out of money in blythe, california, so i have been eating the nutri grain bars i packed. can i tell you how much i hate nutri grain bars? they have to be the most disgusting food on the face of the earth and one of my least favorite. i would pack one of my least favorite foods ever. i will never eat another nutri grain bar as long as i live. i almost threw up the last one i ate. i feel fairly ill right now. damn nutri grain bars.


and for those of you who are considering riding greyhound to, well anywhere, let me just tell you that they are going to make you get off in el paso. this said, you must realize that you are taking your life in your own hands. i get off the bus and walk into the station. a guy comes in behind me holding his stomach and i figure it has something to do with perpetual truck stop grub and being on a bus too long. next thing i know, cops and firefighters and paramedics are rushing into the stop. the guy falls down and we all get a nice view of his fresh gunshot wound. the guy didn't die and they took him to the hospital and all was well, i guess. but you really have to wonder about dying in a greyhound station. i don't think it is something i am interested in doing. amongst the families eating potato salad out of shopping bags and runaways who, with limited space and strength, find their skateboard mandatory. then again, i can't say i wanna chill in el paso any time soon period.

so i am back in dallas. not much happening here. family still doesn't really dig me much. still in debt and still following bands around. i am actually going to get a job though. donating plasma just won't cut it this time.

but i am getting a copy of a really rare candy album soon so that will be nice. and i am going to see the tender idols soon too. all of which makes the gunshot victim and the permeating smell of greyhound passengers on my clothes worthwhile.

and i started a mailing list so i can keep everyone on the ball and make sure everyone gets a chance to put in orders for airbrushed t shirts from whichever town it is i will be in soon. it is join if you want. if you have anything to say to me or would like to let everyone else know how you feel about anything i have to say, go on if you think you are hard enough. yowzah.


she yelled "get out!"