what's up tiger lily?


i wrote a highly inspiring and motivating entry earlier but i lost it. here is what i can remember.

i saw weener at rick's place. i had a really good review of it written but the big thins is, i saw the actual shirt that matt sharp wore on the cover of the first weezer album. mark got it through shady channels and i got to stand this close to it. and i got to find my way around denton again. that is always fun.

then i went to the rubber gloves the next night and saw fury III and centro-matic and spent a good deal of time in the little playground type area of rubber gloves talking and polishing up all my denton jokes, much to the chagrin of the denton residents all around me. but it was a fun night.

friday night i went to hurst-euless-bedford to go hang out with chrissy and deidre and brandon and some scary crackhead man who decieded our party looked fun and tried to join in. then on the way home, i ended up on the way to ft worth and to try to avoid that, i ended up in haltom city with no gas. i promptly got gas and back on the right road and got home.

saturday i cleaned during the day but that night i went to the state fair with my friend johnny to see alabama. i don't know if i have mentioned it here before, but jeff cook of alabama, along with rocky lawrence (their songwriter/tour booking guy/helper) are both relatives of mine. johnny seemed to be really impressed with that and i have promised to go see alabama with him for a while now. we did and it was one of the funniest and most entertaining nights i have had in a while. alabama played a medley that included "zoot suit riot" and "green onions", gave long speeches about trucks and fishing, and played their songs with as much pinacahe as liberache on gay pride day. all the time, i thought johnny and i were going to piss ourselves laughing. mostly for me because of the audience. and they did solos galore and ended the show with "angels among us." certain people were on the verge of crying, while others actually did. quite a moving night.

sunday, murder city devils cancelled so i spent the night seeing corn mo and jonathan richman. also playing were a band called big guns who played all instrumental covers that sounded like jan and dean covering early beatles in a bad way. saw johnny there and we gushed about the previous night's show. <well, well, well> corn mo played and i finally got the 7" that i should have gotten a long time ago. johnny thinks corn mo sounds like freddie mercury and meat loaf. i agree. you should check him out if you are in dallas or denton or well, anywhere because if you are industrious enough, you can find out information about anyone you want information on. that is why we have the cia.

i have written my first, what i will call, masterpiece. it is a song called "i shot morrissey" and is actually a loving tribute to the mozzer. in the same vein as the queen is dead etc. i can't divulge any of the lyrics because i have made them up while i am driving and haven't written them down yet. and i can't tell you anything about the melody because all i know is that it will have a lot of G and E minor and a key change. that is all i know. but trust me, it will be a masterpiece.

i think this might have been in the entry i lost but if not, here we go again. i got a job at guitar center. spring valley and the tollway. i am the only girl working on the floor. so come on in and test me on delays and fun stuff like that. i can turn any band into spiritualized in less than 12 cossacks. and for all you spiritualized fans out there, ner! yes, i said it.

i need to go now. take care and never never never never shake a baby!


here comes ivan, the dirty old engine driver, to make you feel alright