an armfull of holes


here is the deal with this entry. i forgot a bunch of stuff in that last one so here we go.

we are of course starting with my own little personal guide to music midtown. big ups to jay for actually getting the schedule and for being cool.


the big shindig starts at 6pm.

trinket from 6:30 - 7. obviously i am happy about this for a cavalcade of reasons. mostly because i miss these guys a whole bunch. and it is always a good time. and i want to hear "anything, anything" again.

kent from 8 - 8:30. umm, need i explain that these tasty little sweedish crumpets are angelic looking? and the guitarist is nick rhodes. if tv mania didn't suck, they would be kent. oh and they make nice music.

then i plan on painting the town. or finding a hotel and washing my hair and watching TBS. either way.


rick springfield from 6:45 - 7:45. Laugh if you will, but i really and competely seriously like rick springfield. jesse's girl is a damn good song. c'mon it is one of those that i am sure even the pope puts on mix tapes.

marvelous 3 from 7:30 - 8:30. who the fuck decieded that rick springfield and marvelous 3 should overlap. as long as marvelous 3 don't do too much good stuff in those overlapping 15 minutes i am okay. you better believe that i will be staying until the last note at the rick stage. okay maybe a few minutes early but this kills me.

the tender idols from 10:15 - 10:40. they actually play until 10:45 but you will see why i say that in a line or two. i really like the tender idols a lot and have never seen them live. excited about this. and that fanatic episode was really funny too.

iggy pop from 10:45 - midnight. do i need to say anything else? closing the show on saturday with this. good thing. i don't want to see anyone else that night after iggy.


buckcherry from 2:15 - 3. again, even more than seeing them live (which is always fun and sometimes even a challenge) i really want to see them again. i want to see keith act really cool and devon to be really nice and yogi to be perfectly suited for his name. and jb and josh too. i miss this guys like someone who has had their kidneys taken out misses their kidneys.

hole from 8:30 - 10. i like some of their music, i like courtney love's attitude sometimes. i like eric erlandson for actually playing guitar. melissa is canadian and that is a plus. and they like nardwuar and so do a few people i know. and they used to cover hungry like the wolf live.

then home and a few days later... more buckcherry. yeah!

okay now here is the soliciting popularity part. there are many music weekly awards coming up.

you can go here to vote for the dallas observer awards. i am not going to tell you who to vote for except make sure to vote for the riverboat gamblers for at least one. they are closet thing to dokken dallas has. just kidding guys. no really think buckcherry, guns and roses and murder city devils.

then you can (read: really should) go here and vote in the Georgia Straight Reader's Choice Awards. your vote? for the black halos, of course.

speaking of them, there is a dogs d'amour tribute album coming up. besides that being interesting, it leads into my other recent interest. jesse camp. i know that he is old news and you probably don't have to be fucking brilliant to see (yes, when i run out of things to say, i quote other people and don't attribute it to them) why i admire his taste. but his band, jesse and the 8th street kids, also has the guitarist from dogs d'amour in it. and they are very trash rock/bad sugar metal type stuff. so i reccomend looking for the album when it comes out in may.

this entry was probably completely non-interesting to many but i don't have to be in bed until 10 tonight and i'm all lit up on juicy juice and ginseng. actually that is not true. mom will have my ass if she knows i stay up until 10. once she finds out i got paroled.


in a flash of recollection of oriental pride